Terpenes are now in the news due to the prominence of the exciting on-going work with the Cannabis Plant.

Terpenes are extracted from various plants, trees, shrubs and flowers. To give a better description; when you are next in florists there literally hundreds of terpenes floating in the air, it’s the fragrance.

Terpenes provide the smell and the flavour for many products.

When one smells a terpene, your olfactory gland informs your brain, in particular your Limbic system of the presence of a terpene (smell). The Limbic system controls a variety of functions including, olfaction, behaviour, emotions and long-term memory. Additionally, the Limbic system transmits signals to release endorphins and serotonin making you feel a certain way. So, Terpenes play huge part in relief and stress reduction amongst many other feelings.

Terpenes have been used by the ancients for treating all kinds of ailments, i.e., Lavender which aids sleep has a terpene known as “Linalool” which is present in many botanicals, especially cannabis. CBD Extracts have natural terpenes in them; however, processing of extracts causes terpenes to be reduced therefore reducing the potential health benefits. At CBD Works we reintroduce terpenes in to extracts giving you, the user, the full potential of the CBD product.

Our R&D department have visited manufacturing facilities in Israel (2 companies) Spain (1 Company) and the USA (2 companies). The CBD Works are proud to announce the signing of agreements with a group of academic botanical scientists to produce Terpenes and their by-products which the CBD Works is bringing to the EU, UK and Irish markets.

All CBD Works terpene products are food grade with the majority being organic. Moreover, they are fair trade sourced and cruelty free.

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