All Our CBD Products Are Quality Tested

In the hemp industry, there is a general lack of standards for producers. Most public laboratories have difficulties collecting reliable test results. At CBD Works the testing process is treated very seriously, and thus large amounts of money and resources are spent for quality control. Our aim is to deliver CBD products of the highest quality and consistency.

Using validated test methods, highly sensitive and specialised lab equipment, our UK CBD lab testing certificates are here to give you the confidence that our products comply with legal, safety and quality requirements.

We Guarantee That Our CBD products Are 100% Organic And Free From Synthetic Ingredients

CBD Works uses only high-tech tools to produce safe CBD-rich products. Quality control is the essence of our mission to bring you the very best CBD products that nature and science can offer. Our production process follows industry standards strictly. Our organic, non-GMO hemp crops are especially tested by our most dedicated staff and harvested with our state-of-the-art tools. We test each batch of products painstakingly using cutting-edge laboratory technology to ensure that it is toxin-free, contamination-free and of a consistently high quality. We use state of the art scientific techniques and technologies to test the composition of our products and ensure that our customers are getting the best quality products available today.