10mg CBD and Turmeric Powder

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A blend of Co2 extracted Turmeric powder and our unique water soluble ZERO BIO-ECS CBD Rich Powder. Why Turmeric?  Turmerics secret weapon is the curcumin which is approximately 3% by weight of Turmeric.

Why BIO-ECS Powder? CBD Works Zero Bio-ECS is water-soluble, and readily absorbed in the digestive tract, meaning higher bioavailability than oil based CBD.

CBD Works Bio-ECS Powder was developed to solve the CBD absorption problem, maximizing effectivity of uptake by the body.

  • 10 mg CBD
  • 0% THC, tested to 10 ppm
  • 42.5 mg Turmeric Oil, including ≥17 mg tumerones
  • Turmeric is CO2 turmeric extract
  • Size #1 vegan capsules
  • Co-ingredients: modified food starch, acacia fiber (organic), xanthan gum (organic)

Suitable for vegans, halal and kosher followers, cruelty free and sustainably sourced.

Nutrition Facts per 100g % RDI
CBD 10g  
Calories from Fat 89cal  
Calories Total 354cal 17.70%
Total Fat  9.88g 14%
Sodium 0.26mg 23.07%
Total Carbohydrate  64.93g 24.97%
Dietary Fiber 21.1g 70.33%
Sugars 3.21g 2.80%
Protein 7.83g 15.60%
Omega 3 32.5mg  
Omega 6 114mg  
Vitamin C 26mg  
Vitamin E 0.2mg  

30 Capsules.